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Horizontal plane electronic control feeder feeding rack uncoiler


  • Stock Width120(mm)
  • Stock Thickness1.0(mm)
  • MAX.Load1000(kg)
  1. Detail Information
Features of the machine:
1. The machine adopts horizontal rotary plate feeding, with a large carrying capacity up to 2 tons, and the coil material can be overlapped to reduce the number of stuffing and save refueling time.
2. The machine adopts two-stage speed and can independently adjust the working speed of the tracking host. Its feeding speed can reach 0-24m/min.
3. The machine has reasonable structure, low center of gravity, easy to discharge.
4. The second stage speed can be adjusted automatically with the tension switch device. The tension size and the second stage speed can be adjusted independently to ensure smooth feeding.


Model RFU-1010
Stock Thickness(mm) MA*1.0
Stock Width(mm) MA*120
Max.Load(kg) MA*1000
Material Height (mm) MA*500
Material I.D (mm) MA*1000
Motor (HP) 1
Feed Speed (m/min) 24
Feed Direction L← →R
Power 3 Phase 220V/380V/50HZ


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