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Installation and training of three-in-one feeder

时间:2019-10-22 13:38:26  来源:songliaoji.net  作者:RUIHUI
Three-in-one feeder as high-end automation equipment, many choose and purchase of the stamping owners have doubts, that is, the owner of the factory staff is completely unfamiliar with this machine, can operate, use and maintain this equipment? This is a very real problem, three-in-one feeder is the use of goods, the value is reflected in whether it can really use to play a benefit and whether it can be maintained to ensure low fault high life.

In order to eliminate customer concerns, ruihui machinery took the lead in the industry to implement the three-in-one feeder installation team and training team colleague service mode, instead of the traditional installation personnel to do a simple machine attributes and operation of the training mode.

Pfizer machinery specially set up a training team composed of senior technical personnel, in the triad feeder with installation teams take the initiative to deliver to customer site, combining with the characteristics of customer actual stamping material properties, stamping products, from the standardized operation, the structure of products, safety awareness, maintenance and typical failure analysis for the customer training operation, maintenance personnel, effectively improve customer for delivery of the Pfizer triad feeder machine operation ability and the consciousness of standard operation, the maintenance personnel skill levels, guide the triad feeder relevant personnel formation, standardize the operation of the safety awareness and good operating habits.

At the same time, ruihui three-in-one feeder training team can also provide a series of training programs for different customer needs according to the production site. Triad feeder training team will make the training plan with strong pertinence, combining theory and practice, conducted a triad feeder structure, safety operation specification, daily maintenance and common troubleshooting, and other aspects of training, each operation, use, operation situation analysis in place, the decomposition practice step by step, and allow the operator to the actual operation, ensure full control, flexible use.