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How to allocate stamping production line reasonably and efficiently

时间:2019-10-22 13:42:21  来源:songliaoji.net  作者:RUIHUI
A successful punch feeder production line can not only help customers to achieve automatic production, but also achieve high returns at low cost, quickly help customers recover costs, reduce the follow-up maintenance labor and cost input, really let customers benefit. So for the stamping owner, how to efficiently configure the production line, what equipment are required?

Under normal circumstances, the complete set of automatic equipment of punch feeder mainly includes material frame, leveling machine, feeder and receiving machine. According to the processing needs of different customers, it can also be equipped with testing equipment (false inspection detector and lower dead point detector), waste suction machine equipment, material double-sided oil feeding equipment, photoelectric protection device and so on.

As for the equipment configuration of punch feeder production line, we need to take full consideration of the specific factors of punching process and punch matching, and select suitable feeding equipment for handling different materials.

Usually with the traditional punching machine, stamping precision requirements are not high can choose ruihui air feeder with automatic feed straightening machine for automatic production;

Usually medium plate materials, stamping step requirements are not big, stamping process is not complex can choose ruihui high-speed roller feeder and two-in-one material frame and leveling machine for automatic production;

Usually precision stamping processing, long step processing and multi-stage complex process processing, the selection of ruihui NC feeder and plane electronic feeder and precision leveling machine combination;

Usually with high-speed punch, you can choose the combination of ruihui clamping feeder and plane electronic feeder; And some special processing occasions, such as silicon steel, silicon steel processing is the use of good ruihui double head material frame, S type high-speed leveling machine with gear feeder combination type;

The choose and buy of the real are to match, according to the customer demand to stamping owner to clear their own material in the material, width, thickness of the scope, volume of material properties (weight, material width and thickness), tie-in press tonnage, stamping process requirements (interval), precision, etc., at the same time also need to fully consider the space of the workshop layout and equipment quality and a series of hardware factors, finally choose the right combination of flexible automatic production equipment and reasonable collocation, matching technology, to achieve fast and efficient of the punch machine, production line operation, realize the investment benefit of exaggerated.