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Debugging and matters needing attention of two-in-one uncoiling leveling machine

时间:2019-10-22 13:48:16  来源:songliaoji.net  作者:RUIHUI
Commissioning of two-in-one uncoiling leveling machine:

1, rack and leveling machine using a power supply voltage of AC three-phase 380 v, when customer factory wiring, it is important to make sure the power supply voltage match the required voltage, phase and shape, the phenomenon such as poor contact, avoid the equipment damage, on the capacity of generating their own power plant, should ensure that the connection voltage protection device, to avoid high voltage causes the damage of rack and leveling machine.

2. Check whether the feeding direction is correct before connecting the power to test machine.

3. When loading the coil, first adjust the material rack rocker counterclockwise so that the diameter of the supporting plate is less than the inner diameter of the coil, then load the coil material, adjust the rocker clockwise so that the supporting plate is open and the inner diameter of the material is tight, take off the rocker, make the a-type iron, and do not clamp the material too tight or loose.

4. Turn on the power switch, slow down the speed, loosen the feed handle, open the release lever, and make the material enter the leveling head to the discharge wheel smoothly. Stop the machine and put down the releasing lever. Tighten the feeding handle and discharging handle. Adjust and adjust the handle. Adjust the retaining wheel. The retaining wheel should not be too tight. Generally, it can be 3-5mm wider than the material. Start up and adjust the flat handle until it is even.

5. Adjust the distance between the material frame and leveling machine and the feeding machine. Adjust the distance according to the speed of the punch press and the length of the feeding machine.

6, adjust the distance of 24V induction frame, adjust the material frame and leveling machine left brake wheel to make it smooth discharge, and can not let the material inertia is too large, but not too tight so as not to affect the normal leveling, adjust the speed appropriately to meet the normal work of the feeder is appropriate.

Special note:

1. The material rack and leveling machine has passed strict factory inspection before leaving the factory, and the inverter parameters have been set. If the customer has special needs and the inverter parameters need to be changed, our company's professional and technical personnel should carry out the operation.

2, material frame and leveling machine wiring must ensure that there is a grounding wire, to prevent electric shock, leakage. How to allocate stamping production line reasonably and efficiently