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Instructions for light material rack

时间:2019-10-22 13:52:37  来源:songliaoji.net  作者:RUIHUI
     Lightweight materials for aircraft is Pfizer machinery for light coil stamping production and development, applicable to metal and non-metallic sheet (2.0 mm) coil winding on the automatic feeding and waste, adopt vertical rod support, reducer and motor straight league, coupling output structure, automatically supporting coil rotation and control the rotation of the material quantity, cover an area of an area small, easy installation and debugging, big reduction ratio, stable operation, simple maintenance, low failure rate, advantage, is the better choice of light stamping production line.
  一、Structure diagram of CR type light material frame:
  Light material frame structure,CR material frame structure
  1,Power cord 2, fuse 3, power box 4, induction interface 5, reducer 6, motor 7, material support frame 8, adjustable handle 9, induction frame

  二、Installation of light material rack:
      1. First remove the packing wooden box that the material rack comes with and install it.

      2, light material rack installation is simple, the material rack on the foundation and then hit the underground bolt lock.

      3. Special attention during installation: the centerline of light material rack (i.e. the center of blade length) must be on the same centerline as the mold or punch (or shear, etc.).

      4. After installation, please remove the anti-rust oil from the machine and refill the lubricating oil.

      5. Description of electricity consumption

             * the input power of light material frame is three-phase 380V(415V/220V) alternating current.

             * the control voltage in the electrical box is single-phase 220V ac (provided by the in-machine transformer).

             * induction voltage is 12V dc (provided by in-machine transformer).
  6、Pay special attention when using
     * use of metal materials: 24V induction frame; Non-metallic materials or poor conductivity of the material, the use of micro motion can be;

            * after connecting the three-phase 380V power supply, turn on the power supply and press the switch to check whether the rotation direction is correct (the material should be discharged from above);

            * cut off the power supply, adjust the support rod according to the inner diameter of the coil, put the coil and put the splint on. Note: when clamping material, it should be subject to the smooth discharge of the coil material. It should not be too tight or loose.

            * the material should pass between the upper and lower rods of the induction frame and adjust the appropriate height. If the induction direction is wrong, adjust the direction of the induction plug.